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Gas cost 15 cents a gallon, the first bikini’s were showing up in Paris and Sinatra’s crooning dominated the airwaves. It was a time when no man would dare walk the streets of New York without a pressed suit, shined shoes, a clean shave and a crisp haircut. It was the golden age of looking sharp, the pinnacle of the tonsorial arts.

Razzledazzle is a return to this bygone era. It’s a spa treatment for guys, from an age before anybody had heard of spas. A place where men can experience the lost art of the hot lather shave, traditional haircuts, hand and foot care, massages and shoe shines. But without the worry of being rubbed out by a rival crime family.

So come on by and lose yourself in a genuinely old fashioned, yet thoroughly modern, honest-to-golly barbershop. You’ll leave feeling better, and looking better, than you have in years.

Coral Gables: (305)461-4666 & (305) 774-0074 | South Beach: (305)534-6166 | Mary Brickell Village: (305)579-4747| Midtown: (786) 401-7344